Wholesale Mineral Makeup – What You Should Look For In A Supplier Before Doing Business With Them

wholesale mineral makeup

If you have made the decision to purchase wholesale mineral makeup then you need to know what to look for in the supplier you are going to be investing in. This will help ensure you find a supplier you can trust long term.

What a supplier of wholesale mineral makeup needs to have in order for you to do long term business with them.

Quick turnaround time on orders

You never know when you are going to need  a large order of mineral makeup. Maybe it might be a certain time of the year or maybe a certain product is taking off way better than you hoped. In any case your ability to capitalize off of this is going to come down to how fast you can get new product. If you are dealing with a supplier that is slow then this is going to hurt your ability to make a profit. A supplier who can deliver mineral makeup fast is what you need.

Friendly customer service   

If you are going to be spending your money on wholesale mineral makeup, then you do not want to use several suppliers. What you want to do is build up a strong relationship with just one. In order to do this though the customer service has to be really good. You want to be valued as a customer. You want to make sure you are able to ask the questions you need without getting rushed or being made to feel like you are wasting their time.

Low minimums to support small businesses   

If you are a small business that sells mineral makeup, then you are not going to require that much. So you will need a wholesale supplier who can give you a small amount and at the same time still offer you a discount. A lot of the big supplier will not deal with clients who order small, but this does not mean they cannot be used to help you. If they do not offer a low minimum order, then ask them to point you in the direction of a source that does. This gives you a good chance of finding several options.

No entry fee

The cost of buying wholesale mineral makeup is already an expense you have factored into your profit potential. If there is an entry fee in order to do business with a certain supplier than chances are you are dealing with a middleman to the middleman. These are people who simply sell lists to distributors of the products and they inflate the price in order to make money themselves. An entry fee is just not needed when you plan on doing business with someone anyway.

Private Label  

Any wholesale supplier of mineral makeup you plan on doing business with should be able to provide you with name brands. People will sometimes buy off label mineral makeup, but most people are very loyal to a few brands. So you will need a supplier who sells a lot of the known brands, but also offers the option of buying off label. Carrying an assortment of both will help you, because it helps you to capitalize off of each customer type.

Drop Ship

If you sell mineral makeup at home or if you have a strong web presence, maybe you might want to have some of the products drop-shipped. Now this would eat into your profits of course so it is not something you could always do. But knowing that a supplier provides you with this option is a good thing. It can save you during times where you might not have a lot of inventory on hand and people are ordering from you online.

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