Why Should YOU Promote Wholesale Cosmetics List?

When choosing a product to promote there are many things you want to consider in selecting the correct product for your personal marketing needs.

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Affiliate and Vendor Relationship: You want a Vendor that is there to help you and fix the problems that may arrive in the middle of your campaigns. Being both an affiliate and a vendor I know how I want the relationship to work from your point of view. That is why I am always here to assist my affiliates with any needs they have, so please contact me at support@wholesalecosmeticslist.com at anytime with any questions you may have. I would love to hear from you.

Promote My Product And Earn 50% Per Sale As An Affiliate

This hot, brand new product is a step by step guide that anybody can use to buy Cosmetics at wholesale prices!

What You Will Be Paid & How

I use a well-respected company called Digiresults. Every sale goes through this company, It is already set up for you to receive 50% commission on every sale you make automatically and instantly directly into your PayPal account.

My product is downloadable, full instructions and support are given on our site. This makes the whole system fully automated.

There is no inventory and all sales, ordering, delivery, and affiliate commissions are dealt with electronically. There is no cost to you as an affiliate. 


Step #1: Get Your Affiliate Link



Step #2: Start Promoting Your Link immediately To Start Earning Commissions As Fast As Possible!  



If you have any questions at all about being an affiliate I'd love to help you. Just contact me any time at admin@wholesalecosmeticslist.com


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